Over the last decade, Beldina Malaika has carved out a name for herself, becoming one of Sweden’s most celebrated soul vocalists, with a voice that no one can quite touch. In addition to collaborating with groundbreaking stars from her native country (including Timbuktu and Rasmus Faber), Beldina has worked with a wealth of varied artists across oceans and generations, including Stevie Wonder, Mando Diao, Axwell, Billy Paul, The Cataracs and Childish Gambino, to name a few.

Born and raised in Stockholm, Beldina Nelly Radoudi Nyadwe has family roots in Kenya – hence her artist name, Malaika (“angel” in Swahili), chosen in honour of her late grandmother. Ever since she can remember, music was Beldina’s very first love, being part of a Gospel choir and studying classical and jazz piano, as well as dance. With a lifetime of performing and singing, it’s little wonder Beldina’s live shows have taken her around the world, from LA to Tokyo. With her “pop angel pipes,” in the words of MTV Iggy, Beldina’s voice carries over any beat, delicately and flawlessly soaring with a powerful range.

After being signed to a major, and despite having several bigger labels keeping a close eye on her, Beldina opted for the independent route to ensure her music would never be compromised. She’s been running her independent label – If I Were A Bell – on her own since 2010, getting love on MTV and around the blogosphere along the way. Beldina’s ‘Here We Go’video (released in April 2011) hit well over 100k views, and her video for ‘What Can I Say’(released in March 2013) was directed by Raul Sanchez and co directed by Beldina herself. Beldina is also the producer of a YouTube project called Coverstories, intimate live videos of her pop song interpretations. Her versions of songs such as ‘Hang With Me’ by Robyn, ‘Cupid Boy’ by Kylie Minouge and ‘Fireworks’ by Katy Perry  have received many kudos from both fans and the original artists themselves.

With many plans tucked tightly up Beldina’s sleeves, this is only the beginning – stay tuned.

“I just do what I know and that is being myself. It’s impossible for everyone to like you but you can make sure they respect you at your best. There is no reassurance, no need to look for it. When I want something, I just go after what I and do it in my own way.” – Beldina

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